January 2


Prompt:  Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Orange


33 thoughts on “January 2

  1. Forgot to put before the ‘Here’ this is how I played…
    Best to you and yours this New Year!
    We are having a bit of a heat wave it is 49F or 9C at the moment.
    But it is supposed to get colder. No snow, just colder.

  2. Yikes, that’s 107 F.
    I remember visiting Arizona when it was 110 in the shade.
    I had taken a short walk to the corner store. And even before I got there I felt like I was melting.

    One of these days I’m going to have to figure out the photo side of blogging. I took a few really nice photos of the sun going down at a place called Sombrero Beach in the Florida Keys.
    We found out the beach sand was shipped in from Bermuda.

    Reality starts with tomorrow’s six am alarm. 🙂

      1. The coral islands that make up the Keys isn’t what the tourists expect. So I guess in order to keep them happy…and coming back. What’s a few tons of sand worth against happy tourists?

          1. The town of Key Largo at the end of Route 1 is mostly for the folks who are stationed at the navel base there and the tourists. Quite a bit of restaurants and gift shops and some museums. There is a town near us that is much smaller without any military to support it… mostly gift shops and tourist stuff. I told my hubby that Key Largo was like our neighboring town on steroids.

            Quirky is good. 🙂

    1. We are a long way from the fires thank heavens. Today is much cooler too. Nothing like a Victorian heatwave to make you feel like it really is summer. I actually prefer the dry heat to the humidity though once it gets over 40 I’m useless. 🙂

  3. Sitting here in my Fahrenheit 48 degrees slightly cool, I realized your’s is Celsius sizzling! My inlaws would open windows at night and close in the daytime with blinds closed to help cool down. May cool breezes head your way.

    1. It’s amazing the variety of temperatures that occur across the globe at any one time. Luck for us the cool breeze arrived overnight. 🙂

  4. wishing you cooling breezes

    *.*★v . ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★ Ձ๏15

    much love…

    1. My family from Ireland are finding it hard – luckily our house is very cool and I have introduced them to the strange Australian custom of opening the curtains at night to let in the cool night air and closing them in the day to keep out the harsh sunlight. 🙂 It’s cooling down now and there is a hint of rain in the air.

        1. I did take a personal siesta yesterday 🙂 It’s holiday time so there are people everywhere. People do tend to slow down during the heat of the day but it’s basically the western 9-5 business world despite the weather. There are health warnings when the heat is excessive so most people hold off going to the beach until the sun drops low in the west. It’s much cooler today thank heavens.

    1. At least it’s getting cooler now. I hope your new house is cool or are you baking out there surrounded by all that yellow grass?

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