052 At dusk last night a huge storm rolled in from the north – the tail end of the monsoons that are currently drenching northern Australia.    Thunder crashed, lightning flashed and heavy rain fell.

The flag flying outside the patriot’s house on the corner fluttered valiantly in the wind.    054

The ladder leaning against my neighbour’s fence offered access to the heavens –    039

zen like in it’s graphic monumentality – 040

Rain slicked the  roof tops 030

The lighted window in the two storey house across the road glowed050

as children watched in awe  045


14 thoughts on “Dusk

    1. What a lovely comment – thank you. Writing and using photos in this way is something I did quite a bit of a year or two ago. It is a kind of visual poetry I agree. I must get back to doing more.

  1. Beautiful choices, Suzanne! My favourite is the ladder against the fence – my kind of drama 🙂 but I find also the one with the flag really interesting – almost having the reflection in the water “effect”.

    1. That’s a interesting comment on the flag. I do agree with you about the ladder photo. I got fixated on it and now have about 12 shots of it from different angles 🙂

  2. WOW! I love the colours in the first one; and your third shot reminds me of a scene from my favourite movie “Betty Blue”. I really appreciate your entry, Suzanne. Thanks a lot!

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