The light in the south

– a haibun

At night the sea roars through my dreams. Beyond my house – the dunes.  Beyond them – the shore. the wild Southern Ocean and the winds of ice that barrel out of Antarctica.

I read on  that this week solar winds again powered through time and space to hit the atmosphere over Antarctica so that it billowed in light streams that could be seen over the southerly tip of New Zealand. My house is further from the Pole and city lights dim the stars yet sometimes even here, a red glow can be discerned when the solar flares are at their strongest.

Sometimes it seems to me that these electromagnetic currents sweep through me in invisible waves. My head reels and it is as if I am swimming in the slip stream of vast currents that dislodge the old fixed thought patterns in my brain. Things I had not thought of in years suddenly break free from the calcified framework that is my conditioned response to life. It is only then that I can see them for what they are. Errant thoughts and negative patterns that have kept me bound in limited patterns of expression are illuminated by the light waves that sweep through my mind. I’m learning that the easiest, the most expedient thing to do when this occurs is to let the thoughts go – let the winds of change blow through my mind. The emptiness that remains can be disconcerting yet ultimately it is pure lightness, pure joy.


Prompt:  Carpe diem haiku kai – lightness


32 thoughts on “The light in the south

  1. I reread this today and love how much I learn about the planet and how you see the world on the other side where you are. Your haiku reminds me of an imagery I do myself and with youths whose minds won’t shut up. Letting all the thoughts, images, float by like an old camera’s reel of film…floating by, telling yourself you are the editor of this film and you will not heed these images (for now)…when it is blank I replace it with an image where I feel safe…my safe secret place/image has been the same since 1977 where i first saw it on a trip to London. One teen got so far into it and asked me at some point during a long silence, “Can I come back now?” That is what your haibun brings me back to.

    1. What a fascinating process you take the young people on. It sounds like incredibly valuable work that must change their lives forever. No wonder you get migraines. It must be very demanding and hard to detach sometimes. I do like the teen that asked to come back. I can relate to that feeling. I get so deep into meditation sometimes it can be hard to resurface. I think I must have been still in that kind of a state when I wrote this for it just flowed in a stream of consciousness.

      1. Thank you, Suzanne, I used to do group workshops for stress and many other personal developments. That exercise were a few I combined when I tried it and have not changed since:) why fix it when aint broke? The migraines started as a teenager, hence no bearing on my work…just bad genes:) But some of your posts are an oasis for taking off …I may use some examples for someone who can’t “get there”. Some of the fairy tales at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie are great examples…Michael has such beauties that I could work with for children.

        1. I get migraines too and have since the teenager years. They have decreased since I got older. Now I get strange body tension which is like a migraine in the body if you can imagine such a thing.
          Your work sounds really helpful to damaged young people and I’m really glad to make a small contribution to it.

          1. You know our line is similar to one in Australia…we even went there to see how they did their Live Chat four years ago which is a popular means to communicate now for so many.

    1. Thanks Sally. I’m really glad you enjoyed reading this one. I felt very inspired when I wrote but didn’t really know how others would receive it.

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