More abstraction–walls

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge fits well with the photo challenge ABSTRACTION that  I am hosting this week on Lost in Translation Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract


DSCF9800 (2)



17 thoughts on “More abstraction–walls

  1. I love your walls: the colours and the shapes. I’d love to know whether they are the result of mastery of the new equipment, and victory snatched out of app- frenzy? They really are works of art, with the perfect colour combinations and splotchings (is that the appropriate technical term???!)

    1. No all the walls were snapped in situ and haven’t been altered. The first one was in northern Spain on a rainy day – I think that made the colours stand out. The other two were in Ireland. I’m glad you think they look like art works. The top one is one of my favourite photos for that very reason. I must get it printed

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