Uncertainity and The Great Ocean Road

The trouble with not blogging is that my thoughts have nowhere to go but round and round my head.   If I lived in pre WW2 Paris perhaps I would be surrounded by amazingly creative friends and have impassioned conversations over morning coffee in funky cafes but as it is I have face-to-face friends who are probably not up for an impassioned conversation at 8 am in regional Oz, my computer and my creative friends in cyberspace who more often than not respond to my blog rants. I will write this on my new laptop (if I can!).Learning how to use this new fangled thing is like learning to drive a Ferrari after driving a T Model Ford.  (apologies about the layout of the post – has WordPress got incredibly more complicated while I’ve been or is just me?)

My relationship with this new computer is just one of the many uncertainties in my life at present.  My daughter and her kids moved out yesterday.    I had thought I would have to move at the end of the month too but the estate agent says I can stay on a while longer.   That’s just as well as new computer purchases, car repairs and household bills have eaten away my going to the desert funds. All proposed trips to the desert are now postponed indefinitely.  My book manuscripts and many of my old photos are still to  be recovered from my old computer.   I will find them some time I hope but will have to go up to Melbourne to do so.  Just what I’m doing creatively is evolving (in other words I haven’t got a clue).   I’ve been exploring all kinds of options while offline but my creative expression is still very much at the primordial soup stage.

On Sunday afternoon I took a road trip to escape the domestic mayhem of my daughter packing up while her daughters fretted about whether or not they could get Wifi in their new house and my autistic grandson acted out his distress about the certainties of moving.

I drove down the western end of The Great Ocean Road and explored the first stretch of coastline I came to – a strange locality called The Bay of Islands.   I’d forgotten to charge my camera battery before I left so could only take phone photos. Whether or not the phone was in sync with my mood is uncertain but somehow the images it recorded corresponded with my mood for nothing I saw or photographed looked quite real.2015-04-12 16.38.41

2015-04-12 15.48.57

Along that part of the coast you don’t so much go for a walk along the beach as drive from one lookout packed with international tourists to the next.   At one lookout tourists speaking a language I couldn’t identify scarpered over the cliff tops apparently oblivious to the warning signs that told of unstable cliffs prone to crumble into the sea without warning.

They appeared to be engrossed in a movie of their own devising so I left them to their uncertain outcomes and continued to explore my own.

I’ve been reading a book titled ‘The Antidote: Happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking’ by Oliver Burkeman. In a chapter about embracing uncertainty I came across the ideas of Saras Sarasvathy, a business researcher.   After interviewing successful entrepreneurs she came up with an anti-goal approach to success. The ‘bird in hand’ principle is one of her key ideas:-   ‘Start with your own means.   Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity.   Start taking action based on what you have readily available: what you are, what you know and who you know.’   I thought I would go for a walk on a beach to think about just who I am but finding a beach I could access proved difficult.

2015-04-12 16.41.392015-04-12 16.38.38

2015-04-12 16.45.32

Eventually I found a dirt track away from the main tourist attractions.    Down the steep steps lay a tiny sheltered  cove called Worm Bay.  2015-04-12 16.11.00

Down on the sands my feeling of unreality and uncertainty persisted  Looking up at the sheer cliffs I felt a worm peering up out of a worm hole. What do I really know? I wondered.      2015-04-12 16.17.35 Climbing up out of the worm hole I decided to head for home before the sun sunk any lower and shone directly in my windscreen.2015-04-12 16.38.49

My uncertainty about the future and my creative directions stayed with me on the way home but as I stopped to take more photos I decided that one thing I am certain about is that I love  to blog and post my photos online – even when they look decidedly unreal.  2015-04-12 16.36.07

Getting a reliable home internet connection became my goal for the coming week.   I achieved it today and will catch up with your blog posts very soon.

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32 thoughts on “Uncertainity and The Great Ocean Road

  1. Welcome back Suzanne, beautiful photos. Some of those canyons remind me of Canyon de Chelly in the Navajo nation in Arizona. Understand about the tourists too. Thanks for sharing your mystical afternoon.

    1. It is a really haunting landscape – how strange that it looks like Navajo country – you are right – it is quite mystical

  2. grand to hear from you and read your lovely meander. I love your wanderings too! Oh and btw If all goes smoothly just wait five minutes!! Lovely images Suzanne and good luck with all the technology which is both wonderful and aggravating. Sometimes the magic works and sometimes not! lol. Tell Jo I love wormholes- they can lead to everywhere!! 😀

    1. You are so right about tecnology. I am currentlyfiddling about witha tablet. Finding a good app thatlets me write on top of photos is frustrating. I love yourcomment aboutwormholes. I hadn’t thought of that

  3. It seems you and I were away from blogland for the same amount of time (6 weeks for me, I think). It’s hard to get your bearings creatively when life is uncertain or your in the midst of serious transitions.
    You were one of the first writers I looked for when I came back on!
    I expect that I will again be out of sorts as my wedding and subsequent move in late June will deliver commotion. Hoping to head off some glitches with the blog ahead of time but I’m not so tech savvy!

    Please keep writing and sharing your photos of your excursion. 🙂 🙂

    1. Wow – a June wedding – how exciting! It’s great to be back online and so brilliant to know that people out there like to read what I write. Thanks so much for your wonderful compliment.
      I’ll be looking out for more exciting blog posts from you. 🙂

  4. Good luck with the new laptop. The learning curve can be so frustrating. I worry about losing what I have on my laptop as well, so I bought a little backup device that I leave plugged into my laptop at all times. In fact, at my husband’s suggestion, I bought two, and will soon start plugging the other one in periodically so I have two backups. I’m taking the suggestion of an online friend and looking into Flickr as a place to keep all my photos, in addition to the backup discs of all of them (and they’re on my laptop, too, so backed up there as well.) I’d be devastated if I lost all of them.

    When I find myself wondering about life, the place I go (other than the Bible) is nature. It centers me and gets me back in contact with reality. I would very much miss blogging if I couldn’t do it, even after 3+ years.

    Hope you’re feeling more centered and together now. Glad to see you back.


    1. Thanks Janet. Yes backup is next on my to do list that’s for sure. Thanks for your thoughts on life. You are right about nature being a place to ground and centre. I am not a practicising Christian but I do agree that faith can give us great support in times of trouble. Thanks for your good wishes and lovely welcome back into the world of blogging.

  5. I enjoy real life impassioned discussions with you -but no it wouldn’t work at 8am!!!!! Welcome back online! Lovely atmospheric photos of beaches I visited recently. although, as you, from above, not much access.

    1. Yes – I agree we do have some good conversations sometimes and thanks for the welcome back online. Glad you got down to see those beaches too. They are really strange aren’t they. Quite haunting.

  6. Welcome back. I’ve missed you and your provocative thoughtfulness. This is a great post – and great photos. I like the surreal in the sense of more than reality. Good luck with personal and digital adventures. I’m coming with you.

    1. Thanks Meg. It is good back to be blogging again and rekindling online friends. There is a surreal quality to the photos here – that’s the perfect word for it.

  7. Hello, Suzanne. Indeed you aren’t alone on this path of uncertainty. But I think you gave us all the key by passing on that “start from your own means.” We do have all the answers inside us; it’s knowing this and springing them that’s the dilemma. But you/we will, and blogging and posting photos is a sort of interactive meditative process, isn’t it. One learns so much, and not only about one’s own perceptions. Good luck with the new computer 🙂

    1. Thanks for your perceptive response to my ponderings. I like the way you write about blogging and posting photos as interactive meditation – what a brilliant concept – food for thought there and possibly the seeds of another blog post.

  8. Suzanna, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on here. You know something? You’re not alone! And I end up coming to the same conclusions when I take a walk. I love to share my beautiful world and even worm holes can look attractive. It’s all about pinning on the smile and staying with the positive- the wonderful now that we do have.
    Hugs for sharing! 🙂

  9. What an interesting place…a tad unreal, as you say! I love your meandering words about life etc, and hope your life becomes more sorted soon, Suzanne 😳

    1. Thanks Sue. So glad you came along for the meander. My life is getting a bit clearer now. I hope your health is treating you kindly. All the best – Suzanne.

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