Days and days of driving rain and scouring winds then today – the calm after the storm.

On the beach the dunes have been swept clean.  In the warmth of the autumn sun all is stripped back.  The bare bones of the land are revealed.


In my own life – a catharsis – a falling away of the old – a purging of outmoded conditions.



Prompts:  Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – weather beaten

                   Lost in Translation – symbolism


36 thoughts on “Catharsis

    1. Thanks Janice. The nminute I saw it I knew I had to write a haiku about it. I’m happy you like it.

  1. This is indeed beautifully sparse. Clarity of air and of thought. I love the grass-writing, even from Helsinki airport after twenty hours in the air and a wait of three hours for the last hour-leg to Warsaw. Your haiku and photos and a double-shot cappuccino set me up nicely to arrive as a human being.

    1. Oh gosh – you remind me of the rigours of international air travel. I just couldn’t do that right now. I hope your last leg of the journey goes ok. Sometimes those little hops are the worst. My ears really feel the changes in air pressure on the short flights. Take care.

  2. This is wonderful, Suzanne! It is beautiful in its simplicity – gives me *just enough* – and with that haiga – it’s perfect. Brava! 😀

    1. Thanks Jen. I’m so happy to read your comment. It was a subject seemed to demand brevity. It’s great to know it worked for others.

      1. Definitely – the subject needed it!

        And – in this case – the brevity made me reach out to meet you halfway. [If that makes sense?]

        1. Thanks again – yes it does. What a great comment. It helps me find these stories or (more accurately) a new way of writing my stories.

    1. Thanks very much for your comment here. I really appreciate it. I wondered if it was too wordy but then couldn’t figure out how to edit it.

  3. Ah Suzanne you have a way of bringing the reader to nature and at the same time revisit our pasts to the present. Your haiga is just stunning; I look forward to reading your rewritten stories:)

    1. Thanks Paula. No, I don’t have Photoshop at present. I just adjusted the contrast etc in Windows Live Photos. The second one I processed on my tablet with a App called Pixlr

        1. No – just my point and shoot Nikon. It was very bright on the beach today. The Australian light can be very hard and white sometimes. My photos from today all look a bit strange.

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