Still following Basho

Prompt:  Carpe Diem Haiku Kai  – ‘Yesterday we entered the realm of the most famous journey by Matsuo Basho, “the narrow road into the deep north”…. The verse/haiku which is our prompt for today was written on May 20th of the year 1688 at Urami (no take) Falls, about four miles (six km) west of Nikko. The waterfalls were previously accesible from behind, but an earthquake and flood in 1905 made the path inaccessible. In the haiku Basho is referring to the ninety-day period of ascetic seclusion prescribed for Buddhist monks each summer.

shi baraku wa taki ni komoru ya ge no haijime
for a while
secluded behind the waterfall
summer retreat begins

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

In response to this prompt I have rewritten a haiku I wrote some time ago –



14 thoughts on “Still following Basho

  1. A beautiful haiku. It’s a strange effect that in nature’s noise there is somehow silence – wind in the bush or small rapids have the same effect, whereas silence isn’t altogether restful.

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