The river has broken its banks –






it has yet to break through to the sea –




8 thoughts on “Broken

    1. Thanks very much Paula. It was such a compelling sight Ihad to stop and take a photo. That led to all the others.

  1. A great post. Is this happening now? I love it when lakes and creeks break through to the sea. That first silvery shot with fence posts and reflections has a particular beauty.

    I’m beginning to wonder about my resistance to challenges. They seem to inspire you whereas I feel as if they derail me. But maybe being derailed would push me into differences and new ways of seeing and blogging. Something to think about in Stanthorpe – where there’s only the slowest connection in the universe at home. The other thought was to use Stanthorpe to break MY Internet connection!

    1. Oh I hope you don’t go offline. I’d miss you. Challenges are odd. I find thema creative prompting right noenow but there havebeen times when I really don’t like them. I starteddoing themm when I was giing through a dry spell for ideas and found the worked to get me working -if that makes sense. Now they are a easy option – I often think I should think up my own ideas instead.
      I took the photos at a nearby river this afternoon.

      1. But I can always dash into the library, or a kilometre or two to the hill near the lavendar farm, and blog to my heart’s content. This is no doubt what I will do. I’m too wedded to this form of two-way communication. But I’m glad you’d miss me in the unlikely event that …

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