Autumn shadows in B&W

2015-05-27 13.50.15-01

2015-05-27 13.47.59-01 

and because it looks better in colour –   (all photos were taken with my mobile phone).

2015-05-27 13.57.17-01

prompt: – the architecture of shadows


15 thoughts on “Autumn shadows in B&W

    1. Yes it was a challenge trying to photograph autumn in B&W. I’m glad you think my photos managed to meet the challenge.

  1. The angles you’ve taken the shots from are perfect: just a glimpse of the shadow perpetrator. The patterning is beautiful – it would be hard to emulate as a painter or calligrapher I suspect.

    1. Getting the right angle was a good chance to get up close and personal with trees without looking like a total freak 🙂 Tree hugging via the camera.
      That’s a good point about a photograph working where other art mediums might not. Food for thought there.

  2. It seems so odd to see autumn in your part of the world…lovely photo.I love all seasons but truthfully one month of winter is enough for me here:) Hope it is not too cool out there… It was 28C but high humidity…thanfully the thunderstorm warnings brought nice winds:)

    1. It’s cool and windy today but we have had very pleasant weather this week.
      28C sounds very pleasant – any hotter than that would get very uncomfortable over there I imagine. What extremes of temperature you have.

        1. It’s a bit like that over here. The heat comes so suddenly and doesn’t last long most years. It’s always a bit of shock.

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