A break in the rain


After days of gloomy weather the rain clouds parted for a short while this afternoon and revealed a patch of blue sky.   I grabbed my camera and headed down to the beach.   After raging for days the sea was incredibly calm – tired out from excessive storming it couldn’t even muster the energy to wave.     

My camera was apparently very glad to get out.  It was in a very playful mood and viewed the weather differently in every shot.


It particularly enjoyed the brief moment the sun came out and pretended it was summer –


Looks can be deceiving for it was actually very cold.    I had on my thickest coat and didn’t stay out long.   By the look of the sky on the way home it looks like we are in for more rain.


Prompt:  https://bopaula.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/thursdays-special-cloudscape/


17 thoughts on “A break in the rain

  1. Your weather reports are much more interesting than weatherzone, which we’ve been keeping an eye on to re acclimatise. “Couldn’t even muster the energy to wave” is a lovely gentle joke, and you capture so many moods. As Paula said, so different. The palette as well.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments.. Are you back in Australia yet? I find the transition from northern summer to southern winter quite extreme – more than you’d expect it to be.

      1. And Stanthorpe, my next destination, was -6.7 the other day! I head home on Friday 12, and leave for Stanthorpe on Wednesday 17th. My problem is more keeping track of months. June already!

        1. Safe travels. It is cold inland. It is a fast year – more intense for you than for us stay at homes too, I would think.

  2. They are different. I have just thought how different your photos are from other submissions; the calm, strong composition and the intensity of colours. I am torn between two edits of a dune with sea.

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