Budj Bim


Recently I read an article in The Age Newspaper – Budj Bim where the Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt said that he believed ‘the Budj Bim landscape – stony rises from Mt Eccles near Macarthur to a prehistoric aquaculture system on Lake Condah and south to Tyrendarra wetlands – was an outstanding site that had the potential to achieve World Heritage status.’

‘The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has written to Mr Hunt stating the Victorian government’s full support for listing Budj Bim, and has forwarded a peer-reviewed study by leading scientists and archaeologists that finds the landscape is of international significance and that the criteria for listing is fully justified.

Budj Bim – the Indigenous name of Mt Eccles which produced the lava flow that was settled by the Gunditjmara Indigenous people thousands of years ago –  is already on the Australian National Heritage Register.

World Heritage listing would elevate it to the status of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the 19 Australian sites currently receiving international protection.

The Gunditjmara are considered unique in Australia. They lived in large villages constructed of stone huts and harvested eels and fish in a sophisticated network of weirs and traps, dated to at least 6600 years ago, that meant they had no need of a nomadic lifestyle.’

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Budj Bim is about 80k away from where I live.    It’s an extraordinary place that has a profound effect on me whenever I go to visit. I’d like to get up there again very soon but the very wet weather we are having at present isn’t conducive to bush walking.    Instead I’ll post some photos I have taken there on previous visits as my way of supporting listing Budj Bim as a place of international significance – make of them what you will.

073  DSCF7940 (427x640) DSCF7937

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11 thoughts on “Budj Bim

  1. Thank you for this information. The Federal Government supporting a heritage listing is certainly newsworthy! Budj Bim as Mt Eccles was one of my favourite unexpected discoveries as I was woggling my way east from Broken Hill. It is an amazing place: a place where I saw three koalas and walked around a crater lake. Your post brings closer a vaguely conceived volcanic trip through Victoria. And I’m eager to see the outcome of your creative redirection – I hope it means you’ll still blog.

    1. Yep. Still blogging – I wrote about it in my last post. Still trying to make an ebook of haiga too – its taking forever. Hope your time in Qld. is pleasant. It’s very cold down here today.

    1. Well, it’s a murky kind of seeing. Not so much finding a direction as discovering the creative process has these constant highs and lows – the working and the not working moments.

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