Thinking with the heart

Recent scientific investigations have indicated that the heart has it’s own brain.

‘The “little brain” in the heart is the heart’s own intrinsic nervous system—a network of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins, and support cells that are very similar to those that exist in the brain, but act independently of the brain [2]. This information processing system can control the brain, the hormonal system, and other pathways. By using this system, the heart seems to have its own logic that functions separately from the autonomic nervous system. In fact, at times, brain “rhythms” — neural oscillations or repetitive neural activity — naturally synchronize to heart electromagnetic rhythms and heartbeat [1]. These findings have shed light on scientific explanations to feelings such as intuition, coherence, and harmony. –

The science behind neurocardiology is multidisciplinary, deriving from fields such as mathematics, physics, psychology, signal processing, physiology, neurology, and cardiology. The heart has the potential to produce harmony and order throughout the entire body, and has scientifically been found to foster positive changes in gene expression, biochemistry, and self-healing. This research promises a myriad of future applications; it has helped develop ways we can use heart intelligence to live with less stress and anxiety. It has also provided insight into many therapies that can help restore calmness and harmony to the body. By enlightening us on the true connection between the heart and brain, research in neurocardiology can help us strive for more coherent, heart-based lives. – See more at:

heart mind

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23 thoughts on “Thinking with the heart

  1. I don’t quite know how to process this. Thank you so much again for a challenging and thought-provoking post. You’ve sent me off on a search to see how I can incorporate this into my thinking. I love your image, and the way lack of punctuation reflects lack of division between heart and mind.

    1. I agree. There have been a few interesting scientifitic ‘discoveries’ recently that narrow the gap between science and spirituality. I think it is exciting for it opens the minds of sceptics.

  2. Our science brains are catching up with heart wisdom. I liked your joining of science with your own poetic knowledge and very interesting photo…no words to describe it.

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