Bones of the past

High in the dunes beside the Southern Ocean I found some delicate bones – they are only a few centimetres long.  I processed the images with Snapseed to give them the look of old drawings.




14 thoughts on “Bones of the past

    1. I think they are of small dune rodents but I need to research it more. The house is good and I am settling in ok. A few health issues tho. How about you? How are you coping with being home after such a dramatic year. Are the floods near you?

      1. This comment escaped me, although I remembered you’d said health issues. You’ve been silent for a while so I hope that’s not connected.

        I’m settling in and pulling up the drawbridge a bit: looking forward to a spacious September. Just one more business thing to attend to.

        1. Like you – I am sorting stuff out. Health is stabilising too. September does look promising. My internet connection is bad right now so I haven’t been blogging. Maybe I will get back to it later in the month. The urge is waning right now.

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