Mixed up

I got mixed up with Rick’s prompts in my rush to catch up. http://19planets.wordpress.com

I made these haiga before I realised my mistake.  They tell the story of my last trip to the city.



The prompts I used are – Sept 3 skyscrappers and Sept 2 – the beach and fire


10 thoughts on “Mixed up

  1. Aw Suzanne, such a creative soul you are!!! I love that first one…speaks to me having ridden the train for 5 hours last week each way from too many skyscrapers…the font you used in that haiga is really nice…show simplicity in an otherwise complicated city with tall buildings. Your second one is divine…I`m a sucker for sunsets and beaches…lovely haiku as well.

  2. A great contrasting pair of haigas. They capture exactly what you thin of each place. I love all the triangles in the composition of the second one, and the way you’ve demolished the city in the first one.

  3. aloha Suzanne. these are fine just as you are doing them. it always takes a little while to figure out how i’m setting things up and the pace i’m moving a long.

    i particularly like the first image and the placement of the haiku there.

    in younger days i rode trains a lot. i can almost hear the rattling along this beach. cool. and fun. thank you. aloha. rick.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Rick. I did wonder if the have trainsin Hawaii. Over here the diesel train is the cheapest way of travelling the 4hrs from house to the state capital.

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