DSCN9893 This summer is so dry down on the shores of the Southern Ocean.

The shallow crater lakes of the extinct volcano of Tower Hill have all but dried up –



Only the deepest lake still has water in it and the only green paddocks are the irrigated potato crops –  DSCN9898

Deep in the bush the ground is littered with the red seed pods of the black wattles –

DSCN9838 DSCN9840

The emu goes in search of shade DSCN9822

DSCN9876  and the manna gums with their deep tap roots stand firm.


prompt – https://cardinalguzman.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/the-changing-seasons-january-2016/


43 thoughts on “Dry

    1. It is very different to Europe here. I have visited there and found it captivating but I still prefer the open spaces – even when it is dry. Thanks forvisiting my blog.

      1. The open spaces and skies in Australia captivated me each and every time I left the cities and went deep into the country, unforgettable and magical. Your blog reflects that well.

  1. Wonderful patterns in the beds of the craters, and a delight to see Tower Hill even dry. A great evocation of dry, with hints of water at most turns (you are definitely not a pessimist), and you’ve captured that lovely emu blue.

  2. Thats looking dry Suzanne, I haven’t seen Tower Hill that dry since the 1990’s drought. The long distance shots also show how little rain the surrounds have had.

  3. Wow! Suzanne, this is stunning!! love your photos and it is so amazing to see how you are at the complete opposite of the seasons compared to us here in Canada…I learn so much about your world and the environment. 🙂 thank you!

  4. Lovely shots of Australia’s nature, but at the same time, sad shots too. It really is shaping up to be a hot and dry summer this year here, and where I live in Melbourne we have not been getting that much rain. Really hope the emu feels comfortable this time of the year – it looks like it knows a secret hiding spot 🙂

    1. The photos were taken about 3 1/2 hours drive west of Melbourne – just past Warrnambool. Lets hope we both get some rain tonight.

  5. What an evocative study, Suzanne. I’m so glad the Cardinal piqued your interest. I arrived there through Marilyn at Serendipity. The last three shots are especially fine, the view of the departing emu like some portent.

  6. How wonderful Suzanne, I’ve never seen such a place as this and though I know it’s terribly hot and dry but the stark beauty is fascinating and I wish I could visit … but I also hope rain returns to you soon, does this happen every year or is it exceptionally dry this year.

    1. This year is the driest I have since since I moved here in 2012. I find it fascinatingly beautiful in spots too. There is supposed to be rain tonight but it is often forecast but doesn’t happen. Who knows what will happen next.

      1. And this is the warmest winter that I can remember, but if I think about it .. Winter began December 21st … so maybe it was the warmest autumn … anyway they’d been predicting the cold snap and it did come … but no rain or snow.

        1. On the news last night – 2015 was the warmest year on record globally! 2016 is predicted to get hotter still. We live in interesting times.

          1. Alas .. so I’d read. And to think there will still be people who deny that a) there is global warming and b) we could do a lot to cool off the planet as we’ve warmed it.

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