Blog cleanse

blog c

                        This is a virtual blog cleanse.  

Over the next few weeks I will be removing back content from the blog that I aren’t 100% happy with.   I will also be removing some haibun as I will be publishing an eBook and/or a downloadable PDF of my better haibun during February. The future direction of the blog is still in the planning stages but I am planning to introduce some new features over the next few months…


10 thoughts on “Blog cleanse

    1. It’s easy. Go to the Tool Bar of your site (on the left hand side) and click on Blog Posts. This will bring up all your posts in order of being posted. You can then scroll through and edit those that need it. To delete a post click Trash. This will mean that the post will no longer appear on your blog. If you change your mind at some future time you can simply click undo. Job done in a few seconds 🙂 It’s fun to do a clean up – forgotten treasures sometimes turn up.

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