Dreams and reality

Before I went to bed last night I read the prompt on  A month of haiga – February 6 – dreaming.   Falling asleep I hoped I would have a good dream that would inspire a haiga.  

It was a hot night.  I have weird dreams when I get hot during the night.   Sometime during the night I woke up from a completely crazy dream –

In my dream all the text messages. Facebook messages and blog comments we send had become conscious.   Their one desire was to reproduce themselves and grow, grow, grow.   Somehow they had taken control of our hands so that we sent more and more messages and wrote more and more comments – often the same one with minor variations.   If we stopped texting and commenting  our hands would fly up and hit us on the head.

The irony of the dream is I’m using a device to tell you about it.

This is the third time in the past few days this message about getting off electronic devices and the internet has come up for me.   The first time was during a meditation, the second time was in my post about the new moon and now it’s come through in my dreams.   It’s definitely time I listened to the message – I need to break from blogging and social media for a few days – unfortunately I have become addicted!




20 thoughts on “Dreams and reality

  1. I love your dream, its absurdity and its truth. I’d like to encapsulate it on a T-shirt. More seriously, let me know how you manage getting off technology. Living with 3 yo twins worked for me for most of a week.

    1. It is weird being offline. I posted a brief update about it in my next post. I am getting the house very clean and actually getting around to doing some painting which is excellent. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness…what a terrible nightmare you had … I can identify with this just a little too much and have been contemplating taking a few days off from blogging myself as I’ve got so much to do in this period … but I can’t because I started the Haiga month! Anyway the haiga is brilliantly scary .. and the messages you’re getting from your unconscious self rather insistent!

    1. It’s rotten feeling trapped and obligated to blog. I hope you find a way to make it work for you. I’m am having trouble getting online right now due to difficulties connecting. I’m in the library right now – not very good. A local eccentric is making a lot of noise and looking for attention. 🙂

      1. Actually I usually don’t feel trapped. I think it has to do with quitting smoking … the symptoms are laying off but I’ve been irritable and anxious than usual. I’ve also been having connection problems in the afternoon when I could write, but can’t connect! I really prefer not to have to go to the library to write also because of eventual eccentrics ( 🙂 ).

        1. Yes, library internet leaves much to be desired. I’m writing this at my daughter’s house using her Broadband. I’ll have to get back online at my house very soon.

          1. It is a real pain I know. Since the rains have started here my Internet is shoddy again. Sometimes I feel like we’re pretty third world here in Italy … the Internet is all dependant on the old copper wire net work set up years ago when telecom had the monopoly on telecommunications. No one really does much investment on improving the lines outside the big cities .. so when it rains I guess water creates difficulties.

            1. How difficult. The same thing happens at my son’s place up in the rainforest. By the way – I have closed my blog Art and Life and started up a new one devoted to haiku, haiga and haibun. So far I’ve put a few posts in response to prompts on Carpe Diem. I will visit your blog later and respond to some of your haiga prompts. 🙂 The new blog is called Suhaiku so if you see it the name Sue in the Mr Linky it’s the new me – previously known online as Suzanne. 🙂 I’m going to be very selective as to what prompts I respond to and where I link this new blog.

              1. Hmmm … I’m so happy you’ve informed me about your new blog .. I was wondering what had become of you to tell the truth, though you did say you were going off-line for a bit. Sorry there will no longer be Art and Life – I do hope this is not because of that haibun affair! But I do understand about wanting a new take-off … more than you might think actually.

  3. that’s not a dream. that’s a nightmare into reality. yikes. i have to say however (being visual i look at the visual first of course) i found the haiga to be full of humor. and. . . .then i read the dream. double yikes. very cool on the “taken from this moment in your life” haiku.

    1. Thanks Rick. It was a crazy dream – what is even crazier is the fact that my wifi device stopped working the next day. I am writing this in the library. It looks like I’ll be offline for longer than I thought.

    1. It is a battle. Weirdly my the device I use to connect the internet stopped working the next day. I’m writing this in the library but it is not a very nice place to be. I’ll be offline for a while longer than I thought.

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