On the waterfront

I am visiting one of my daughters at present and she has a very good wifi connection.    I am slowly catching up with all your blogs and realising how much I miss blogging.   I will change internet providers when I get home and get back to blogging regularly.  

My daughter lives on the Bellarine Peninsula near the city of Geelong.   Today we spent some time down on the waterfront.   It’s quite a surreal place.

DSCN8887 The old entertainment hall at the end of the pier has been done up and is available for hire.  It’s old world charm is at odds with the oil refinery across the bay.

DSCN8891 The  stark lines and smoke stacks of the refinery are juxtaposed with the mountains behind, the mystical You Yangs.

Back on the Geelong side of the bay the shore line is an odd collection of sculptures and imaginative play equipment.



My little grandson found it all so exciting he had to take a moment and view it all from behind the safety of a fence –



11 thoughts on “On the waterfront

    1. It is an interesting place to visit. There was something rather European about it all – it reminded me of Valencia in Spainb.

  1. Great shots Suzanne. Good luck with the NBN given what the coalition is rolling out I would seriously check a few places that have paid for it before signing up. Its slower than Bulgaria. If Labor win we will see a return of fibre to the house.

  2. Those first two blue photos are so evocative, but I think my favourite is the silhouette of your grandson at the fence. I like your interpretation of his excitement too. Enjoy the rest of your stay, and good luck in your search for good internet connection. I’ve missed you in my blogging world.

    1. I’ll bite the bullet and sign up for the NBN with a long Telstra contract. I’m not planning on going on extended trips in the next couple of years anyway.
      Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I’ve missed chatting with you too. Your comments are so thoughtful and insightful.

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