About half past three

In  a local gallery I  saw a sepia photo of a man travelling in a horse drawn cart down a country lane.   The photo dated from the 1920s and was taken in what is a now the local bush reserve of Tower Hill.   Back then the area was farmed but it is now being regenerated.

I figured out where the track would have been and went to see what it looks like now.    The entrance was bared with chain slung between two poles but there was no keep out sign so I skirted round the obstacle and wandered off down the track.  It was about half past three and the winter sun hung low in the sky.   The shadows lengthened as I walked.

At first I walked down a leaf strewn track bordered by tall white trunked gums.

DSCN9100  DSCN9124

Birds sang and I caught fleeting glimpses of the shallow lake beyond.  After the long dry of the summer months recent heavy rains have replenished both the land and the lake.

A soft, wintery haze obscured distances.  DSCN9156

The track grew rougher and the vegetation changed.  The European Hemlock which is the scourge of this place in summer is now low and leafy.   Its bright green colour softens the landscape.    Suddenly it was as if I walked down an English country lane in some idyllic moment stored in the timeless past of the collective imagination.


            The track eventually petered out so I turned round and walked back to my car.   The sun sunk lower still and cast long golden rays of light deep into the bush 


while the haze above the lake grew stronger –      DSCN9174

I drove up to a lookout but the place where I had walked could not be seen.   DSCN9176


19 thoughts on “About half past three

  1. Thank you for many things — I’ve seen Australia through your eye and your camera that is not the images I have in my mind.
    And, you find magic where ever you go. That is a very rare, and special trait, gift or skill/art.
    How do you feel about being so close to the magical, and the invisible world.

    1. What a question. I was wondering what to blog about next. I think I will use your question as a prompt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I agree with Meg, Suzanne….you are good at the liminal, the there-and-not-quite-there….. I do like your track, it definitely has something of the English countryside of the past about it!

  3. Beautiful, evocative writing. Upon reading, I felt I was there walking with you-quietly and at peace. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience in simple, eloquent prose

  4. A wonderful story and images Sue, what a secret place , amazing what can be discovered in familiar locations. I trust you always keep an eye out for snakes??

    1. Yep. Although I wander I am very mindful of where I am and very aware that if I fell or met misadventure it would be a long crawl back to my car!

  5. Oh, you are so good at creating atmosphere and significance, and the sense of something just beyond grasp, and mystery of the spirit. And there is something so seductive about tracks.

    You make me long for the Australian bush, despite the lushness and deep shade here. That one gum leaf did it!

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