20160608_095601 I took this photo with my tablet during last week’s heavy rain.   This tree has been blooming since last December.  It is only now as the weather turns cold and wintery that it is slowing down.  There are far less flowers than there were in the summer yet there are still new buds.  It is odd to see flowers decomposing, almost melting in the rain while others are still forming.





12 thoughts on “Dripping

  1. Suzanne, your capture shows how macro can change the way that we perceive one floral wonder. The folds and layers of this flower are seductive, and is a good example of how we might not see (with our naked eye) the (what seems) complexity of this bloom. The close up gives us much to ponder. Well done. Happy Photo Challenge.

    1. Thanks Sally. The tablet photos really pick up details that escape the naked eye. I’d like to take more but it is a cumbersome object to carry around.

  2. This is a collaborative work of art – you and nature. Never has such a bloom been imaged thus. “Melting” is a good description. There is something candlewaxy about the decomposing petals. It looks like a foul weather friend too – if rain = foul weather.

    1. Lol – it does look peculiar, I agree. The weird thing is this week is sunny tho very cold. All the decomposing flowers have fallen off and new blooms are emerging.

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