Nigretta Falls


DSCN9323   I haven’t contributed to  Cardinal Guzman’s challenge   The changing seasons for quite some time due to the fact I no longer have home internet.   Instead of blogging regularly I am now doing it sporadically in local libraries.     For this post I am focusing on a waterfall about an 1 1/2 hour’s drive north of my home in south east Australia.   I have only visited these falls once before.  Then it was summer and they were dry.   Now, with the winter rains falls are a magnificent stream of clear, clean water tumbling down into a deep pool of black water.   


Below the falls the river flows peacefully on – cleansed and replenished by the winter rains.  DSCN9369

In the undergrowth I spied a tyre slumped against a rock waiting summer visitors to come and play in the pools – DSCN9373


9 thoughts on “Nigretta Falls

  1. I recognise that slanting tree! When we visited it was summer – great to see spate. And I would never have thought b&w would be so effective for a waterfall. Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful Australian adventure that you made possible.

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