On Monday night a gale blew in from the Southern Ocean.   It announced its arrival with a tremendous boom of thunder that rolled on and on across the sky.  Torrents of rain followed then came the wind.   I lay huddled in my bed listening to the roar of wind and the pounding of the surf wondering if the roof was about to blow off or if the sea was about to crash into my room.   (I read in the paper the next day the wind had been blowing at 95kmh over this little town).

By morning the worst of the storm was over but the wind still blasted the State with icy air straight off Antartica.   Inland, snow fell as low as 300m while here on the coast rain and hail slashed against my windows.  Although the temperature hovered around 8 c. the wind chill factor meant it felt more like zero.   Watching the rain I sat idly at my kitchen table shuffling cards.   The cards I shuffled were oracle cards called ‘The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards’.  After a time I flipped one over.  Fittingly it was the card of the Wakinya –  the Thunderbeings. Intrigued  by the synchronicity I read  – Wakinya is the force of truth…   His spirit-eye opens with the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder.

The commentary on the card advises – “Using your skills, let your unique electricity flow in the direction of the highest good.   Be conscious of the direction in which you cast your lightning bolts;  take care not to throw them in a haphazard manner.   Careless use of energy might mean wasting this personal dynamic on projects irrelevant to your inner self…   Ask for the guidance to galvanise your attention, and get ready to throw your thunderbolts before you to help illuminate your next steps.”

Reading this I realized asking the Thunderbeings for guidance could well be just what I needed to do.   All year I’ve been frustrating myself by pursuing goals that for one reason or another have not bought positive results.  Projects have derailed as I got stuck on details or ran into insurmountable obstacles.    Since the beginning of the year I have been expending energy in projects that either haven’t worked out or have proved to utterly irrelevant.   I really had nothing to lose in asking the Thunderbeings for help with sorting out my next steps.   Nothing I was coming up by using my rational mind was working so why not try a little irrationality for a change.

Obviously Thunderbeings are beings of great power so I was careful and respectful in the way I formulated my request.  In my mind I said something along the lines of “Thunderbeings please help me find ways to focus my energy so I don’t waste it on irrelevant tasks.”

After making this request it wasn’t long  before I found myself sorting out my work space.   Over the next few days I threw out all the projects that weren’t worth continuing on with and organised my equipment.  On activity that really hasn’t been working for me is trying to paint in my inside workroom.   It smells and I am always getting paint on the walls and floor.  I have big garage that has been sitting empty.   It’s very basic but it is weather proof and has skylights in the roof.  Carried away by the energy of the storm I moved all my painting apparatus out there and now have a  studio where I don’t have to worry about making a mess or polluting the house with unpleasant odours.


My inside work space is now a dedicated craft room –    DSCN9556

The synchronicity of the Thunderbeings energy continued this morning when I opened up my Facebook page and discovered this post – and read –

“A storm. The wind howls, and rips through the atmosphere, you can almost see the air. It clears and cleans the atmosphere leaving behind a freshness that is a delight to breathe in, and there is a sense of freedom in each breathe. The rain falls out of the sky, battering the earth with its large penetrating drops. It fills the earth with its nourishing energy, and helps energy move through time and space in its cleansing way. The lightening bursts like flames in the sky gathering angry energy together. Working out this energy, it expresses itself, fearfully; cleansing and healing. The thunder sounds like the planet itself is being torn apart, the noise makes humans fumble. But there is the earth, strong and stable, that anchor to which we attach ourselves, on which our survival depends, and we are stronger, we are rejuvenated.

You see, a storm isn’t just wind, rain, lightening, and thunder, it is how we understand ourselves, how we rate ourselves, and how we live in the world. The air that clears and gives life, is the same air for everybody. Every breath you take is a breath that someone else has taken. Sometimes the air becomes stale, polluted, poisoned, if you keep breathing that air you, and others, will die. What if we changed the word air to knowledge? If the knowledge that you absorb is stale, outdated, or polluted by prejudice and complacence, or poisoned by hate and misconceptions, then the knowledge that you are breathing will kill you and others. Perhaps not right away, maybe others before you, or maybe not for many generations, but it will have a detrimental affect. The point is that if the air is not cleared, there is no life giving, and there is no freedom of thought, or action. When the wind comes, ask yourself, why. What do we need cleared, what freedom do we need to create?”

                                                                   prayer flags - 2



8 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Interesting re the synchronicity of events… Glad to see you are organising your creative spaces – I’m not getting far with mine, and feel cluttered, both mentally and spatially

  2. Revelations by storm. I love it. It makes me yearn for the days of my own revelations, bred in discontent and opening so many doors. I suspect I’m a bit too content for my own good now. You nudged me just after I’d read this Jung quoted Alexandra Fuller’s “Leaving before the rains come”: “Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live in the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.” Do I have space and energy for reconsiderations? I linked back to one of your other posts about solitude and loneliness: I suspect solitude helps in serious rejigging of one’s life.

    I’m so much looking forward to seeing what comes out of all your new creative spaces, internal and external. Thank you for sharing your thinking so intimately.

    1. I really enjoyed reading your thoughtful comment. A little comfort and the love of family are precious though. It must be wonderful to be so involved with your grandchildren. 🙂

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