After the storm

A brief burst of sunshine after days (even weeks or possibly even, months of rain) had me out exploring an isolated surf beach early on Sunday morning.

Last week’s storms had sculptured the dunes into new forms .  DSCN9571

In the weak winter sunlight everything looked ephemeral – like the world was dreaming of itself.

DSCN9583 Although I took numerous photos of this view the sea on the left has disappeared into a haze of white in all them.   Trying to get a better shot I wondered if the world I saw reflected a Buddhist view of reality –



19 thoughts on “After the storm

      1. I’m good. I don’t know of any pink beaches round here. I read your post about the hurricane. It was very interesting to read but I didn’t comment because I had major computer issues on the weekend. Some bad malware infected my whole system and I spent all Sunday getting rid of it. As a result I decided to take an extended blogging break (the malware came from another blog) and haven’t been on WordPress much. We have building up to a storm all day and it has just started raining right now. The prediction is for minor local flooding but nothing to fear – just more wild weather and more earth cleansing 🙂 The eclipse energies have been intense. Suddenly out of the blue a new future is emerging for me – a house move and shift in localities – strangely enough back towards the city of Melbourne – a place I never thought I would return to. When I move I will be an hour or so from the city centre by train but still near the coast and the bush. How about you? Is your life in flux also?

        1. Ha, ha… I am catching up with your comments 🙂 This sounds awesome! We are placed where needed yet don’t always understand (or at least that’s been the case for me). When it’s time, Spirit removes any obstacles. God Speed!
          I have had some personal shifts that were unexpected but today was a day in bed and writing on it now.

  1. All our research had it around on the cut off river side behind the dune. We used to go in with an old land rover and a mine detector and shovels. We once found an old car body. I believe there is a Pre-British wreck there. The missing Portuguese ship and the Dauphin map as well as early colonists stories and the Portuguese belief their boat is there today ( see the memorial on Canon Hill in Warrnambool) Also early settlers reported Indigenous people in that coastal area had pale skin. Consider a search Suzanne!

    1. I often go exploring that area myself but so far have seen no sign of any ships. Wouldn’t it be exciting to find it. 🙂

    1. Once again you have spotted the exact location. 🙂 I was even thinking about the mahogany ship when I was there. The dunes have shifted so much I wondered if one day it would be revealed.

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