It’s all good–but it is intense


There’s a lot going on in my life at present – lots of new developments and exciting new ideas are flooding into my world.  It’s good but very intense.  I took this photo of the window of a contemporary art space last week.   The wood and painting behind it were in the window, the street, car and trees are all reflections from the environment around the gallery.  The chaotic photo is a good representation of what’s going on for me right now.      The large tree at the top of the photo reminds that order and stability are there – all I have do is clear the log jam of incoming information and new possibilities to find the ones that are right for me.   It could take me a while Smile

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16 thoughts on “It’s all good–but it is intense

  1. Interesting photo that resonated with you at this time in your life changes. The beauty of photography! It can reflect our lives. Love your post. ❤

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