The third player



I once read a story that stuck in my mind even though I can no longer recall where I read it. The story concerned Coyote, that trickster of Native American mythology. It goes something like this –

Two men were arguing across a fence. They were both adamant that their own point of view was right and they shouted at each in loud, aggressive voices. Sometimes they got so riled they threatened each other with rocks and spears. On and on they argued, all through a day and on into the night. Their voices were so loud they disturbed Coyote who was playing about chasing his tail in a nearby field.

The men’s voices annoyed him so much he came to see what all the fuss was about. He watched from the sidelines for a while then quickly realised that both men had their reasons for defending their position. Neither was about concede defeat any time soon.

Wanting only for the neighbourhood to revert back to its usual peace and quiet Coyote climbed up on the fence. He danced and cavorted between the men. He juggled and told silly jokes. He clowned about and generally made a nuisance of himself. His antics were so annoying the men were distracted from their disagreement. They forgot what they were arguing about and banded together to try and get him to off the fence and leave them alone.


Maybe in world events climate change is like the third player, the trickster. Maybe it will come to pass that the effects of climate change will become so inconvenient and so disruptive the major players in world events will put aside their differences and learn to work together to find solutions.

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