Bats at dusk

– picture this –

Dusk – January 2017 – southern Australia.

Charcoal grey gums silhouetted against a dove grey sky.  As the last rays of the sun fade from the sky white cockatoos fly swiftly to their tree tops roosts.   The air is filled with their raucous cries.    As they settle down for the night the incessant ear piercing whir of cicadas takes over.   The air is warm and the gums shift and sway restlessly in the breeze.

Then, as the light fades, the fruit bats begin their aerial ballet.   First there is one flying swiftly across the sky.   Then two, then three.   They fly low over the roof tops.   Sometimes they stop mid flight and abruptly change direction.   Standing in my garden I can hear the flap of the wings of those that fly lowest.     From the ground they are shadowy shapes in umber and indigo.  Their wing span is perhaps as much 40cm across.

On the night of the full moon the sky was streaked with soft grey and pink clouds.   Bats flew every which way.    Fifty or more over a ten minute period.   The ones flying high were silent, stealthy.   Off in the distance the black cockatoos gave their haunting, mewling cry.

I find myself waiting for dusk each evening.    I go out into the yard and sit there as long as I can stand the mozzies and soak up  bat energy.  Fittingly I read bats are regarded as symbol of rebirth.  “Native American Bat Symbolic Meanings. As a Native American animal symbol, Bat is a guide through the darkness. Bat medicine releases us from our old self and opens the doors for something new and healing.”bat symbolism – meaning

(I can’t find any photos of bats in my archives – I did have some but they seem to have been lost in my last computer crash.   Instead I’ll post this image I made a couple of years ago – it fits with this post).




13 thoughts on “Bats at dusk

  1. I can certainly picture thisSue. The Flying Foxes are a recent arrival at Warrnambool, I remember seeing them in the Botanic Gardens last year and thinking when did they turn up?

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