Self Awareness

Watching  the News last night I quickly became aware that the world out there continues to implode.   My hopes that Trump would be reigned in faded when I realised he would simply focus his attention else where.   Over here in Australia the anti-Muslim faction is gaining momentum.    I heard an interviewee say  – “I don’t mind good Muslims.   It’s those Islamic Muslims that need to be stopped.” – What the…?  

There’s so much distressing news coming from so many places right now – the Churches and child abuse and radical changes in the weather are also big headlines over here.

I can meditate as much as I like but I can’t change these things.   The only person I can really change is me.   Maybe that’s what it is all about – individuals lifting their consciousness out of fear and anger and finding inner peace.   It could catch on if more and more people start doing it.  

I was talking to one of my daughters about this idea and she told me about the 10 universal values some psychologists have identified. 


In this system the broad heading of Self-transcendence covers such values as  equality, social justice, protecting the environment and inner harmony.   These values are diametrically opposed to concepts covered by the heading, Self-enhancement.   This group of values includes personal ambition, social recognition, wealth, pleasure and authority.  Evidence suggests that the more people develop self transcendence the less likely they are to be interested in self enhancement.

Maybe that’s how we will change the world for the better – by individually finding the path towards greater awareness our interconnectivity.

(for me – the drawing my way to inner peace is working.   I spent yesterday afternoon working on this one.   Somewhere along the way it morphed from a drawing to a combination of watercolour and marker pens.   I’m finding it a good exercise for centering myself but as you can see, the underlying drawing is the problem.   Back to the drawing board… )




9 thoughts on “Self Awareness

  1. Suzanne, turning to your creative passions is a pause in the outer world’s invasion. Since I live in the USA, I’ve had to change my morning routine: no longer read the news as one of the first chores, selectively keep informed, use nature as healer, use the creative process as meditation, converse with family and friends. All in all, every day is an unknown in a new and terrifying way.

    1. Hi Sally, I’m the opposite re news. I find I need to watch evening news every day. That way I can stay abreast of world events and make up my own mind about them. If I let other people tell me what’s happening I keep getting swayed by their fears, angers etc. Friends and family all seem to be going through major dramas at present 🙂 As you say, every day brings something new – whether that’s in the macrocosm or the microcosm of the family. Creativity, walks in nature and my meditation practice keep me centered.

  2. A fascinating drawing, Suzanne. There’s a true sense of hopeful exploration, but mystery too. We can only change ourselves, you are right. But so many people seem to be quite unaware that they need to do some work on themselves, instead of condemning or judging others. Ah well. Travelling hopefully…

    1. Yes there is a lot of blaming and judging going on. It’s hard to stay out of that. I need to meditate at least once every day and to walk in nature frequently. Thanks for your kind comments on my drawing. It’s the beginning of a new direction – a bit rough at present though.

    1. Absolutely. I totally agree. If we raise our energy we do impact on those around us. It is very hard at the moment. I find I need lots of meditation time and alone time. Thanks for your kind comments on my drawing.

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