Is my blog bugged?

Perhaps it is that my blog is being monitored by the CIA!   Last week Julian Assange released documents claiming the CIA was tapping some TVs, mobile phones, computers etc.   I watched a news program where a learned expert described one way this happens.   Apparently when your TV suddenly dims for a minute or two it’s a sign the CIA is listening.  Certain Samsung TVs are bugged in this way, he said.  Maybe it’s the same with Tablets.    This morning I was replying to blog comments on my Samsung  Tablet when the screen dimmed.   It stayed that way for a few minutes then suddenly popped back to full illumination.   I said good morning to the CIA and gave them a wave for I was bought up to be polite.

This happened while I writing to someone about the process of spiritual awakening that many are experiencing now.  I couldn’t see how the CIA could be interested in that but later in the day I as I wandered across the internet I discovered an article about Archons.

I’ve heard of Archons from time to time in New Age and alternative spiritual groups.  People tell me they are bad aliens who are determined to stop people waking up spiritually.   I don’t pay much attention because I don’t really want to fill my mind up with a whole lot of negative ideas.  

Turns out I should have listened.   At least for a bit anyway.

The article I read today states “The Gnostics, a mystical branch of Christianity, have known about anti-awakening forces for centuries and wrote about them in their work describing them as “Archons.”  a “collective unconscious force” whose first instinct is to oppose any counterforce that is attempting to wake people up.”   

Mateo Sol, the author of the Loner Wolf site gives numerous examples of this unconscious force attempting to stop the spread of new ideas including the poisoning of Socrates, the persecution of Galileo, the ridiculing of the Wright brothers and the trial of Charles Darwin.   These examples make it clear that these archons aren’t just opposing spiritual awakening they do their best to stifle any ideas that will lift humanity up into greater knowledge and freedom.  

Sol writes the reason these archons exist is  because “our collective unconsciousness is deeply attached to static ways of being because it is terrified of change.”  

What a fascinating idea.   Rather than these archons being bad aliens sitting up there  in space ships behind the sun waiting to swoop down and prevent us all from growing mentally, spiritually and emotionally they are actually our collective unconscious.

Sol goes on to talk about inner archons – those aspects of ourselves that leap into action whenever we attempt to expand our minds and hearts out of the narrow confines that keep us locked in fear and ignorance.  He says ‘’In our spiritual journeys, our egos are the strongest Archon forces we’ll ever encounter”   The idea that the ego must be transcended before true spiritual enlightenment can occur is one of the basic principles of both Hinduism and Buddhism.   Different terminology to describe the same concept is used in other religions – the baser nature – is one that springs to mind.

All in all it seems this path towards waking up is paved with thorns and set with traps.   In the outer world there are countless distractions to keep us dozing in the half light of unconscious ways of being.   Now it seems there are archons, both internal and external, who deliberately seek to keep us downtrodden mentally and spiritually.  Worst still, they have been around for centuries. That explains a lot really.

If this blog suddenly disappears from the internet you will know that either the CIA or the archons or both have somehow shut it down.   That is of course if my own ego doesn’t trap me first.    Watch out if I suddenly start telling you I’m an expert and can offer you any spiritual guidance what-so-ever.   All I’m prepared to say on that matter is listen to your own heart, think for yourself and follow your own path.  



7 thoughts on “Is my blog bugged?

  1. SMiLes.. Myths often house
    Vehicles and Vessels for
    Both Truth and Light and
    Dark and Lies…
    Types”.. per
    A life spent
    In Left Brain
    Thinking.. lose
    Some of their potential
    To escape that Box.. And
    According to research by
    Jonathan Haidt.. the basis
    For this is genetically Hard
    Wired for more Conservative
    closed mind nay-saying than
    Liberal open minds as the
    Political Divides in the
    World.. surely
    Freedom.. i would
    Be flattered if ‘they’
    Read what i wrote
    But nah.. They
    A speck of
    Dust over Free
    Verse any thing..
    Anyway.. the Ted Talk
    By Haidt is fascinating
    As these ‘Archons’ do
    Still live in Dark..
    Sadly.. but
    Great at making
    Rules and Hall
    Building Fences for
    Separation verseS uNiTy..:)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Since I wrote this blog I have been thinking there is more to say. Why is the truth being attacted? I am going to research more and write more. Thank you for the leads I will follow them up I agree, archons are real and they are everywhere.

  2. Long ago, when I was on overnight support and had a landlaine by my bedside, I began hearing clicking noises in the phone. I too said hi to the CIA/KGB/ASIO/MI5. But they never replied. After a year of this when I pulled the bedside cabinet out to clean behind it, I noticed wood dust on the floor and small holes in back of the cabinet. I emptied it, but could see nothing, I took it up the back with a can of spray, but when I opened the door something flew out with a loud whirr and vanished. No more clicking. Ah well.

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