it’s time for this blog to go through a radical transformation.

It will now split into at least two.    Posts will be removed when they are reblogged elsewhere.

This blog will be the place where I post poems.  For now it will also continue to be a random hotch potch of random posts about random subjects.  Hopefully it will find a clearer direction as I remove content that is better placed elsewhere.

Spiritual content is now being posted on

My new photography blog is now live


7 thoughts on “Changes

  1. You had left a link to a post “String Theory” to the Lighter Side tale weaver. The link was invalid, though, on your spirituality blog I did find a post called String Theory, which poses an important question.
    I didn’t repair the link, nor direct folks, via the comments there. I wasn’t sure the link had been intentional or part of your renovations.
    Good luck with your new projects. You will do well with all that you purpose.

    1. Sorry. The bad link happened during the blog renovations. I tried to take my link off MLM but couldn’t work out how. There was no little rubbish bin beside my name as there sometimes is with Mr. Linky. I apologise for the inconvenience. I should have notified you of the problem.

      1. No problem Suzanne. I just didn’t know if you wanted to be linked to mlmm or not. Please don’t worry, and feel free to participate with your new enterprises should you wish to.
        I’m not sure how to remove bad or incorrect links — Mr. Linky and I don’t have a good relationship. I don’t think too many will click there and be taken to a non-existent page. And, those looking specifically for your work will know how to go about finding it on your new enterprises. Good luck — they sound exciting.

    2. I am very sorry about the bad link. It happened when I changed my blogs. I tried to take the link of MLM but couldn’t figure out how. My apologies for not notifying you of the problem. That was my mistake. I apologise for the inconvenience I have caused you. You are quite right not to repair the link. The post as it now exists does not address your challenge prompt at all. Once again, I apologise and take full responsibility for the bad link.

      1. No problems — I just didn’t know if you still wanted that link to appear. I’m not sure how to remove bad links, and it really isn’t an issue as this happens — I’ve posted more than one link.
        You are going interesting ways with your new blog enterprises, and I wish you all the best. I hope you posts still find homes with the various mlmm prompts — your poetry and spirituality posts are always welcome.

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