On the cusp

We’re on the cusp of autumn over here in the south.    The leaves have yet to turn gold but there is a definite nip in the air in the mornings.   Summer day light saving time ended on the weekend.   As a creature of habit I am finding this week I wake up around 6.15 am.   It’s too early to do much except sit in the study with a rug round my shoulders and blog.

The blog re-shuffle is on the cusp of being sorted out.   I think I’ve cleaned this one up enough to live with it.  The categories are a bit better organised but that’s the kind of job that takes forever and gives me a headache so the current system will probably stay for a while.   Yesterday, in a moment of delusion, I deleted the entire fiction category.    I had just stumbled across a link to an online publishing company that pays for short fiction.   Aha – I thought, in my delusion, here’s an opportunity to become rich and famous for writing short fiction.   I deleted all the fiction on this blog then went back and read the fine print on the offer.   It was then I discovered they would only accept unpublished work that had never appeared on any blog.  Also the amount of money they were offering was actually quite small change – so much for becoming rich from very short fiction.

I’ve been on the cusp of gathering up all these stories and reblogging them for the April A-Z challenge.  I have them stored on my computer.   With that thought in mind I went back and actually re-read some of them.   Instant deflation – looking at objectively I realise it is unlikely that I will become famous for writing very short fiction either.   Most of it is stuff I wrote in 5 minutes on wet weekend mornings in mid winter in response to someone else’s prompts.   I may edit and reblog the best ones but, really, I’m on the cusp of hitting delete on most of it.

So – back to the blog reshuffle.   I’m on the cusp of something with all of that but the future directions are still a bit unclear. I still feel a need to write the occasional housekeeping post like this one but the overall tone of the blog will change I think.   A lot of people like the post I wrote about Bunjil on this blog last week.   That post came from a deep feeling of inspiration.   It’s not a place I get to often with blogging.   The constant challenges and the temptation to blog about any stray thought that flits across my scattered brain often distracts me.  I think though it’s time to get tough with myself and only blog when I have something worthwhile to say.    Just how often that will be is hard to say.   Inspiration is a fickle muse.

I’m still without a camera so that restricts me.   Also my energy levels are way down so I’m not doing much travelling or visiting of exotic, inspirational locales at present. The photo blog has stalled a bit – I’m still using it and posting some of my better photos there but I’m not totally convinced it’s the right format.   I’ll keep sorting out my photos and let you know what I decide to do about that blog when I know myself.

Well that’s the blogging housekeeping done and it’s only 8 am.   Slowly the obstacles in the way of inner and outer blogging clarity are being removed and I’m on the cusp of finding a sense of direction with the re-shuffle.   Thank you for reading and thank you very much for following.

ganeshaa little painting I did some time ago about the Hindu God, Ganesha – the remover of obstacles.













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