When I was a kid my imagination was fed by stories of early explorers wandering the Australian outback.   Out there where nothing moves in the heat of the day they wandered with nothing to guide them but their dreams of glory.   Day after day they would see expanses of water shimmering on the horizon.   Desperate to find fresh water for themselves and  their animals they would chase the flickering visions.   Day after day the visions would fade before their very eyes only to re-appear further out in the desert – the water was nothing but a mirage created by intense heat.


Watching the nightly News it seems hopes for peace in the Middle East are disappearing like mirages in the desert.

prompt:   http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com.au/2017/04/carpe-diem-1185-mirage-miraajuu.html

More on my blogging housekeeping – I decided to make my blog Crystal Gazing private.   I need the release of expressing my thoughts through digital media because I can add images easily but I feel a bit too vulnerable exposing my private thoughts to the world right now.   Apologies to anyone who followed the blog and now can’t access it.   I might make it public again at some point in the future.


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