Gender neutral God-like Beings

Tenaciously clinging to the belief that if I communicate my ideas to others I might start a dialogue I blog on.

This morning I woke up thinking that it’s ridiculous to assign certain character attributes to a particular gender because we all contain all these traits.      To say men are rational thinkers while women are more able to access their feelings is nonsense.  To say that the attributes of courage and perseverance are male while nurturing, intuitive qualities are feminine is really just reinforcing ideas of gender that are imposed on us from a young age by the culture we live in.  Advertising and the media constantly support gendered cultural norms but, in reality, we all embody all these qualities to some degree regardless of our gender. 

Sure, some traits are generally more dominant in most men and others are more dominant in most women but we have qualities traditionally designated as being those of the opposite gender within us.  We just have to figure out how to access them.   When I was suddenly widowed and left with three little children to raise on my own I had to develop the more masculine traits of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity pretty quickly.   It could be argued (by my kids mostly) that I never quite mastered rational thinking and still have a tendency to do irrational, unexpected things but that’s probably more my inherent nature than a gender specific quality.    I’m sure there are men out there who sometimes do irrational, unexpected things too.

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Scrolling through my WordPress Reader this morning I saw numerous blogs about how we need to connect with the Divine Feminine energies to counteract the increase in global militarism and violence, particularly between Muslims, Christians and Jews.   All of those religions have a male Godhead.  Reinstating the Goddess alongside these Gods is seen as a way of symbolically redressing the imbalance.      It’s a very good idea but I’m wondering if it goes far enough.

If we must personify spiritual energies why don’t we take a leap into the unknown and develop the concept of gender neutral godlike beings.  They could represent the highest qualities of both masculine and feminine. Their chief attribute could be their ability to see all sides of all situations impartially.  

Maybe if we all took a step  back and acknowledged that we all embody both masculine and feminine traits we could reach some place where we could formulate ways of being that are inclusive, non judgemental and egalitarian.

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19 thoughts on “Gender neutral God-like Beings

  1. This is really to the point about gender but I feel religion became a gender issue with the judeoabrahamic line to God. Hinduism has a different approach.
    Also loved your post on your name but really curious to how long it was! Glad you managed to step around this really fixed approach to who we are.

    1. Hi Georgina – I agree about the middle eastern religions and a gendered god. I spent some time in India and really enjoyed the fact that the gods could be any gender and also animals.
      I took the post about my name down as my identity and my blogging identity are in flux again right now. I’ll announce the blogging changes soon. As to the original name – Christian name 8 letters – Surname – 11.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this piece. I have come to believe that politics and organized religion are irrationally intertwined with each seeking favor from the other. Patriarchy helps the economic haves and the high male “priests” of religion while continuing to burden the poor and oppress all women. That’s why the Chief Menace and his Veep can seemingly work well together. Both are pushing their dangerous agendas with the help of the other scoundrels in Congress. According to my oldest son, one of the books that really explains why the white working class voted for the Prevaricator-in-Chief is “Strangers in a Strange Land.” Another is “Hillbilly Elegy”. In my continuous spiritual journey, I find myself throwing away much of the old beliefs and find myself digging much deeper. Overarching male or female power isn’t part of the equation.

    1. I thought of ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ for years. I read it in my 20s. I can’t remember much about it and don’t know the other book.
      I like how you describe your spiritual journey as a process of digging through old beliefs and releasing them. I am going through the same process. It is ongoing though these days I’m finally feeling like I can start building my new way of being into the void left by releasing the past. Right now I’m working on inner peace. The current global tensions can really throw me off balance – so much so that I can’t function. Thinking about this I think I will write about a blog post about today. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. Funny. I referred to god as her in my latest post 😉 I believe however that the source of unconditional we love we call god or goddess is neither male nor female. Conditioning I suppose.

  4. I agree, we all share overlapping skills and feelings. Sometimes I feel that people reward and approve of behavior that fits the stereotype and disapprove of behavior that doesn’t, as if they have the right to tell others how to live. Why should anyone tell another person how to live so long as they are not doing harm? Why should anyone be judged except when they have injured someone else on purpose or by recklessness?

    Live and Let Live. Live Free or Die. These are real ideas, not just empty slogans.

    I fear that cowardice underlies many of the attempts to force others to pretend to conform. You need to act normal, because if you don’t, I’ll feel frightened by you. I don’t like being frightened, and if you frighten me, you’re a bad person. I feel like this dialogue is what is underlying racism and economic prejudice. You scare me. Therefore, you’re bad. I think it would be more accurate to say: You scare me. Therefore, I’m a coward.

    That’s my soapbox moment. You raised three young kids on your own? You are a powerful woman.

    1. Yes I did raise my kids alone. 🙂 I love your soap box moment. You make some really good points. So much of it did does stem from fear. Also from ‘othering’ – anything or anybody that doesn’t fit in with the dominant social group becomes other than the norm and is therefore to be feared. I agree, racial prejudice does come from these kinds of fears. I’m intrigued by what you mean by economic prejudice. Do you mean ideas about social status being related to how much you earn etc.?

      1. By economic prejudice, I mean that rich people are afraid of people in poverty and vice versa. I kind of made that up on the fly. Rich people are afraid to be robbed or hurt. People in poverty are afraid that rich people will use the system against them. Each side demonizes the other, as if it’s not quite fully human. Leading to revolution, murder, mass incarcerations, horrible social policies, mistrust, etc.

        I made up the term. But I see it in the polarizing politics of Republican vs. Democrat here, where the bad guy is always at the other end of the economic scale, not the political scale. I think it’s true in other cultures, too.

        1. Yes we have that kind of prejudice here – it underlies a lot of the activities in this town but it is unspoken and largely unrecognised. Politically Australia’s current Prime Minister is a very rich man who supports the rights of the rich. That is often the case here.

  5. I enjoyed your piece here, and thought you wrote it very well. Yes society has away of molding each gender, and what culture you live in as well. Keep up the good writes, and good-luck!

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