Often times I have heard it said that we are in transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. In my heart I feel this to be true.  So many of the old ways of doing things are breaking down but, as yet, we are not entirely clear what the new ways are.   Many old institutions are being rocked from within by abuse scandals and by the disclosure of corrupt practices.   Ways of being that we used to think were rigid and fixed are now becoming unstable.  Politically all mayhem is breaking loose behind the guise of rationality.

It seems to me that, right now, the transition between the Ages is speeding up. Whether it’s the current astrological patterns, the effect of solar winds and solar flares, the tail end of the energy of the eclipses in February and the March equinox or whether it’s old wounds emerging from the collective unconscious, I don’t know.  Perhaps it’s because the planet needs us to wake up fast and become aware of what we are as a species are doing to the biosphere.  All I can say for sure is that I’m finding it hard to stay  centred at present.  Sometimes  I feel really spacey, even dizzy. Other times I feel stressed out and on edge.


More and more I am finding that my life goes best if I work on my own healing rather than attempting to heal the ills of the world.   All year I have been learning the lesson that the more I try to help others the more they turn away.   This came to a head for me repeatedly last week.   It’s fine if I do mundane tasks for others if they ask but giving advice or suggesting a course of action usually ends in people telling me to back off.  Even when they ask for advice they usually dismiss what I offer.  “I know that,” they say.  “I already did that and it didn’t work.”  

More and more I’m realising the person I need to help is me.  The ills I need to heal are my own.  The Path I’m meant to walk is the one I find within.

                                                            inner peace

As the outer world gets more and more complicated I am finding simple remedies work best for me.

In my spiritual practice I am returning to meditation practices I learnt twenty or more years ago.   I meditate on Higher Light and let it flood my being.

                                                  IMG_20161123_193411 (1)

The ancient mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” resonates deep within my being.   Doing some online reading I learn it is thousands of years old and is about recognising the Divinity within – the Soul. 

In my daily life I am returning to simple things.   Digging over the vegie garden I connect with the Earth.


I clean and de-clutter my house.   As I get rid of things I no longer need I find my thoughts are lighter, clearer.


Walking alone in nature I step out of the narrow, limited concept of myself as a separate being.   I feel my heart open as my consciousness expands into the beauty of the world around me.


In many ways this course of action seems wrong – even selfish.   All my life I have been hearing that the highest path in life is to serve others altruistically.  My conditioned response to current events is to rush out into the fray, to say my piece and to bandage up the wounded.  Suddenly it seems those old ways are not working – at least for me.   Perhaps it is that I don’t have the right kind of bandages or the right words to say or perhaps it is that being a saviour is an old paradigm ways of being.   The Age of Pisces was predicated on the concept of being martyr after all.

Perhaps, in a new paradigm, another way of being is needed.   The astrological image of Aquarius is of a figure pouring water from a jug.


In some images the figure is a man, in others it is a woman.   Perhaps the gender is immaterial for symbolically the image represents a human pouring healing waters on the earth.   For me, right now, the only way I can find any healing energy to pour anywhere is to heal myself from within.

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9 thoughts on “Healing

  1. When I was tending my own garden today, I was listening to a podcast about how progress works. So much of what you wrote today was a part of what I was listening to. That and the fact that so many of us here have been “asleep”. The new awakening is actually a good thing in the long run. Also, you are spot on with self-healing. Heal your self and you can help others without much work. I have found daily meditation and yoga to be enormously helpful for clarity and calmness. Wonderful words and thoughts and images as always!


    1. Thanks so much Kim. Yes I agree, there is an awakening occurring and we are all at different places on the Path. Spiritual practices guides me too.

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