This blog will self destruct on June 11

Somehow this blog has gone stale for me. Despite my renovation efforts it is still untidy, rambling and tired.   I’ve  decided not to pay to renew the URL this year.   The payment is due on June 11 so I guess the blog will disappear after that date.

I am in the process of moving the best content from all my old blogs to a new blog.  Magically I already have three likes and one follower even though I have not advertised the new blog anywhere.   Thank you to those mysterious people who did that.   I am totally bemused as to how you found it.  I planned to announce the new blog when I’d reblogged more posts but I may as well post the new URL here today.

The new blog will be much more focused than this blog.    I will be concentrating on developing my understanding of how words and images work together in digital images and in photo stories.   So far the new blog is functioning as a kind of library. Today I have been focusing on haibun and haiga but I will also be posting my photos on the site.   The About Page is still taking shape.

While I was searching through blog content lost in the archives here I came across an e-book I created a couple of years ago.   My idea was to create an e-book of words and images that people could download to their tablets.   When I came to upload it I discovered the app I had used wouldn’t allow me to do that.   Totally over it all I published the whole thing as a blog post.   Here’s the link if you want to take a look –

I’m glad I found the e-book again today – I’d forgotten about it but looking at it now I like the way it turned out.    Hopefully part of my new focus will mean I become more adept at translating my ideas into a digital format that others can access easily.   I have visions of creating small books of images and text that people can read on all hand held digital devices.    It’s harder to do than it is to imagine though.   I wish there was a free, easy to use app that actually worked for this kind of creativity.

I first gave the e–book as a gift to my readers in 2015 when I realised I couldn’t figure out how to upload it to a self publishing site.   I’ll re-gift it today as a way of saying thank you to everyone who has continued to read this blog despite my creative melt down and blogging dilemmas. I hope you see you at my new blog.  Please feel free to comment on the Blogging Theme I’ve used.   I’m not 100% sure it works with the content.



9 thoughts on “This blog will self destruct on June 11

  1. Change is often a good thing – and it sounds like that’s what you are turning this into, so I think this is exciting. I am glad you gave us the heads up and I too am following the new blog.
    Loyally, Harlon

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